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World of Shipping Portugal

An International Research Conference on Maritime Affairs

21 - 22 November 2019, Carcavelos, Portugal

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Management of Ships' Waste
Shipping Markets: Dry Bulk, Tanker, Gas Ship Recycling
Liner Shipping: Containerisation, General Cargo
Oil Pollution
Other Markets: RoRo, Reefer, Cruise, Arctic, etc. Port Planning / Port Development
Short Sea Shipping / Cabotage Port Financing
Shipbrokering and Chartering Port Governance / Privatisation
Ships Sale & Purchase Port Management and Operations
Shipping Finance Terminal Management and Operations
Shipmanagement Port Choice
Human Element inc. Maritime Education and Training Port & Terminal Performance / Efficiency
Marine Insurance Port Competition
Fleet Management Port Marketing and Strategy
Vessels' Operations at Sea and in Port Ports of the Future
Shipping Competition Green Ports
Shipping Marketing and Strategy Maritime and Port Clusters
Corporate Social Responsibility in Shipping Maritime and Port Policies
Green Ship Technology Emerging Policies in Shipping and Ports
Innovation in Shipping Information Technology in Shipping and Ports
Law of Carriage of Goods by Sea Distribution Channels in Maritime Transport
Maritime Transport and e-Logistics International Logistics / Supply Chains
Maritime Transport Sustainability Freight Transport and Logistics Economics
Maritime Safety Integration of Transport Systems (Multimodality / Intermodality / Co-modality / Synchromodality / Modal shift)
Maritime Security incl. Piracy
Maritime Air Emissions Management of Transport Systems
Ballast Water Management  
Other Topic 1. Please indicate:
Other Topic 2. Please indicate:
Other Topic 3. Please indicate:


Measures of Central Tendency, Dispersion and Skewness Data Warehousing and Data Mining
Probability Concepts Neural Networks
Sampling Methods and Sampling Distributions Re-Sampling
Linear and Multiple Regression Mathematical Programming / Optimization
Parametric Approaches (like SFA, TFA, DFA) Queuing Models
Non-Parametric Approaches (like FDH, DEA) Network Models
Time Series and Forecasting Decision Analysis (incl. Decision Trees)
Factor Analysis Analytic Hierarchy Process
Multiple Discriminate Analysis and Logistic Regression Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (like TOPSIS)
Analysis of Variance Game Theory
Conjoint Analysis Mathematical Finance
Canonical Correlation Analysis Scheduling Models
Cluster Analysis Inventory Models
Multidimensional Scale Artificial Intelligence
Structural Equation Models Complex Statistical Methods
Other Method 1. Please indicate:
Other Method 2. Please indicate:
Other Method 3. Please indicate:


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