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Training Resources
This Section aims at providing a wide range of information that the Industry, Leading Academic Scientists, Researchers, Research Scholars, Students and all Interested Stakeholders can use in daily lives. The information provided has been classified under 10 Categories (listed in the right column) and for each of them, a range of Subcategories has been identified (see below). This Section is completed however not finished since it is updated whenever we identify valuable information; in this regard, we welcome all inputs that relate to the contents found in each of the categories / sub-categories. We also appreciate that web-page visitors inform us about any broken links.
 Political Related Organisations
International Organisations National Organisations FSU & Middle East
United Nations, The National Organisations Asia
Regional Organisations National Organisations Oceania
European Union, The National Organisations North America
National Organisations Europe National Organisations Latin America
National Organisations Africa  
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 Economic Related Organisations
Economic Organisations Minor Commodities Organisations
Trade Organisations Manufactured Goods Organisations
Trade Treaties and Agreements Other Industrial Organisations
Main Commodities Organisations - Petroleum & Gas Industrial Codes
Main Commodities Organisations - Chemical Products Shippers Organisations
Main Commodities Organisations - Minerals and Metals Financial Organisations
Main Commodities Organisations - Coal Trading Exchanges
Main Commodities Organisations - Grain and Feed  
Main Commodities Organisations - Phosphates & Fertilizers  
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 Environmental Related Organisations
Environmental Organisations Energy Related Organisations
Climate Change Organisations  
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 Logistics & Transport Related Organisations
Logistics and Supply Chains Related Organisations Rail Related Organisations
Wholesalers Related Organisations Road Related Organisations
Retailers Related Organisations Inland Waterways Related Organisations
Transport Related Organisations Multimodal / Intermodal Related Organisations
Air Related Organisations Maritime Related Organisations
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Books on Economics Books on Blue Economy & Maritime Clusters
Books on Finance Books on Ship Design, Shipbuilding, Ship Repair & Ship Recycling
Books on Economic Geography Books on Maritime Transport
Books on Global Economics Books on Seamanship & Navigation
Books on International Economics Books on Maritime Safety and Environmental Issues
Books on Green Economics Books on Law of Carriage of Goods By Sea
Books on Climate Change Economics Books on Maritime Law
Books on Agglomeration Economics Books on Seaports
Books on Clusters Books on Maritime Security
Books on Trade Books on Maritime History
Books on Management Books on Other Maritime Related Issues
Books on Marketing Books on Research Methods
Books on Logistics and Supply Chain Management Books on Policy
Books on Transport  
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Journals on Economics & Trade

Journals on Logistics & Supply Chain Management
Journals on Finance Journals on Operations Research & Management Science
Journals on Environment & Sustainable Development Journals on Transport
Journals on Energy Journals on Marine Issues
Journals on Engineering Issues Journals on Ocean & Coastal Engineering
Journals on Information Technologies & Information Systems Journals on Maritime Transport
Journals on Law & Policy Miscellaneous Journals
Journals on Management & Marketing  
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 Magazines & Newspapers
Magazines and Newspapers on Economics & Trade Magazines and Newspapers on Cruising
Magazines and Newspapers on Logistics & SCM Magazines and Newspapers on Yachts & Sailing
Magazines and Newspapers on Transport Magazines and Newspapers on Fishing
Magazines and Newspapers on Shipping and Ports Magazines and Newspapers on Defence
Magazines and Newspapers on Offshore Industry  
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 Other Publications
Academic Publications Industry Publications
Conference Proceedings Research Databases
Governmental Publications Videos
Organisational Publications  
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Glossaries on Economics, Trade & Finance Glossaries on Transport
Glossaries on Management & Marketing Glossaries on Shipping & Ports
Glossaries on Logistics & Supply Chain Management Miscellaneous Glossaries
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 Miscellaneous Information
Publishers Useful Tools
Open Libraries  
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 Political  Org.
 Economic Org.
 Environmental Org.
 Logistics & Transport Org.
 Magazines & Newspapers
 Other Publications
 Glossaries & Dictionaries
 Miscellaneous Information
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