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Training Plan
Our Training Plan falls within the scope of the following topics:

Distribution Channels and Logistics


Maritime Economics

  Logistics and Maritime English

The Courses under each of these Topics provide Students with the required background knowledge to improve their career. For more information on the Actions delivered under each Topic see below.

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 Training within the scope of Distribution Channels and Logistics
Distribution channels are the backbone of national, regional, and international trade; they are designed according to the nature of goods, customers’ needs and distances travelled. Against, what might be though by many people, distribution channels serve the business-to-business and the business-to-consumer markets and they are far from being static.
Subject to strong market dynamics where customers’ needs frequently change, distribution channels need to be dynamic and above all innovative to allow channel participants to keep their competitiveness. Within this scope, logistics and supply chain management play a critical role since they put the designed distribution channels in operation.
Our range of courses help Students to find the differences and similarities between these two important commercial areas that quite often are mixed, when in reality they are two different things. The available Courses are:
  Management of Distribution/Marketing Channels
  Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  International Logistics

Logistics Management and Multimodal Transport

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 Training within the scope of Maritime Economics
Maritime economics is a broad topic that involves numerous economic activities, which serve the movement of goods either in bulk or in cases. An insight into this Topic, shows the vast array of players that participate in these economic activities and indicates the background knowledge that are necessary to have to move goods between places by sea.
The most interesting thing about this hidden industry, responsible for the movement of 75% of world trade, is that it brings to our supermarket shelves even the tiniest products we need for our daily lives, relatively to which we never enquired ourselves about how they managed to get there.
Our range of courses helps Students to broaden their knowledge on different maritime economic fields, depending upon their field of activity. The available Courses can be seen below, but we expect to improve this range in the future.
  The Business of Shipping
  Tanker Market
  Dry Cargo Market
  Liner Trades
  Short Sea Shipping
  Shipping Operations and Management
  Port Management
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 Training within the scope of Logistics and Maritime English
English is a fundamental tool for anyone to survive in the World of Shipping. Being aware of its importance, we have enlarged the scope of our English training to the field of logistics and supply chain. Training within the scope of Logistics and Maritime English embraces:

Logistics and Supply Chain English


Maritime English 1 (Nautical English)

  Maritime English 2 (Shipping English)
  Maritime English 3 (Port Management/Operations English)

With this range of English Courses, we offer the Students not only a knowledge of the English terminology, but also insights into the industry.

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 Training within the scope
 of Distribution Channels
 and Economics
 Training within the scope
 of Maritime Economics
 Training within the scope
 of Logistics and Maritime
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