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About World of Shipping Portugal
World of Shipping Portugal is a registered brand, whose creation rests on the idea to promote a web-based initiative established in 2011 when Ana Casaca decided to create her website to disseminate maritime economics related knowledge.

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With the World of Shipping Portugal brand, Ana enlarges the scope of the original idea. Today, the objective is to create a maritime economics oriented centre in Portugal, which aims at delivering knowledge, training and translation services in the field of Maritime Economics.
To support this objective, three main areas are addressed, namely Training, Research and Translation Services. The reasonings behind the choice of these areas are found below.
Training, because the industry needs knowledgeable professionals and within this scope three activities are being performed.
The first one concerns delivering training as we know it and in this regard both on-line class and in-class training are considered. While on-line class training provides an opportunity to reduce the price of traning and to manage time more efficiently where busy professionals fit their training needs around their lifestyle and work schedule, in-class training offers the opportunity to establish good human relationships, a feature from which the maritime industry has benefitted throughout the years. Training delivered under World of Shipping Portugal is wide in scope; the training programme focuses on three distinct areas, namely Distribution Channels and Logistics, Maritime Economics and Logistics and Maritime English. It aims at providing Students in the necessary background knowledge and tools to improve their skills and competencies.  
The second one relates to the creation of a Training Resources Centre, which the industry, leading academic scientists, researchers, research scholars and students can use in their daily lives. This ranges from international organisations to many other sources including well-known academic journals that publish maritime related research. This database, which has been online for some time, has been updated and it is highly appreciated that its users provide relevant links to be incorporated and/or report a broken link.
The third activity is a new venture and concerns an on-line book about the shipping industry, which aims at delivering broad knowledge about the industry.
Research, because the industry needs to be aware of the potential that the new concepts and technologies can offer it.
Within the scope of the World of Shipping Portugal, research comprises two activities. The first one is the creation of a Journal namely the ‘World of Shipping Portugal, An International Journal on Maritime Affairs’ ; in a world where more academics are involved in research, a new journal seems to be the right direction to follow.
The second one is the creation of the ‘World of Shipping Portugal, An International Research Conference on Maritime Affairs’. The first edition of the Conference is to take place in 21 - 22 November 2019, Carcavelos.
The last activity concerns Translation Services in the field of maritime economics because there is a dearth of literature in Portuguese. This area also provides some information to be used by translators, although it is limited in scope.
For further information, Ana Cristina Casaca invites the industry, leading academic scientists, researchers, research scholars, students and all interested stakeholders to follow the links and have a deeper insight about the work being performed.
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